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As of 2003-11-15, I don't use WAT myself anymore. This isn't because WAT is broken, but because I'm experimenting with other approaches. The code has been stable for a while now, but don't expect any improvements or extensions. Unless of course you write them and send them to me!

I've always used a simple text file to keep a grip on all the things I have to do - which may explain why I fail to do any of them. WAT is a little Perl program that can bi-laterally sync a todo text file with a Palm.

I was prompted to write it by the imminent arrival of Vim 6.0, which introduces outliner-style folding. I have to store a wee bit of state in the text file for syncing to work well, and folding lets me hide that data. It also means that I can put the notes that can be attached to Palm todo items into the text file without cluttering up the display.

Here's a couple of screenshots to show you what I mean. Here's how the text file looks:

  3 Lunch with Z
  2 Phone Tom Dolan
  2 Fix button/zip on trousers
  2 Finish zoom proqram
  Maybe have scaling?
  2 Customising Mozilla
  2 Tea with Peterme
  2 Call Trevor Parsons @ linux user
  2 Call Gill
  2 Complete list of owned domains, and consolidate them
NTK Domains

One off jokes

Future Projects
  2 set up and pln

Here's how it looks when folded under Vim 6:

Some of these items (shown in orange) have been unfolded - showing the state data (those %numbers), and the note attached to them. The rest have been folded up, including the domain list entry, which has its detailed note hidden.


WAT is now up to version . Here's where you can get it:

wat - the Perl executable.
wat.vim - the Vim 6.x syntax file
README - how to get it to work
wat.tar.gz - all the above, tarred

You'll need the pilot-link Unix Palm utility, and the PDA::Pilot Perl module, which should come with it.