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Dark Knight, Ubuntu Flash Sounds

Perhaps while attempting to decide my entire political framework was not the best moment to go and see The Dark Knight. That Joker chap certainly makes a persuasive argument.

Followers of the warrantless wiretapping program in the US should note that, yes, that was Senator Leahy who simultaneously stood against telecom immunity in the Senate, and stood up to the Joker in the fundraising scene. Wonder if he demanded another notable particular plot twist in the last moments of the film?

I have two minutes to post this in time for Saturday, so quickly: if you’re using Ubuntu Hardy, and you have libflash-support installed because you want sound and Flash (greedy), try this out. There’s a bug in Adobe’s closed source flash plugin which makes it crash frequently with libflash-support, but using nspluginwrapper will stop it taking out the entire browser when it dies.

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