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in it for the longhaul

(For those of you who complain that these status updates don’t really count as proper blog entries, here’s another piece from the Linux User & Developer backpage back catalog: Slower, Pussycat, Kill, Kill. Oh, and this week’s Irish Times column on Dan Kaminsky is briefly out of its subscription firewall)

Thanks to Struan, Richard, James (twice), and Chris, I am now obliged to blog for another month, so do blame them when I burn out horribly — also, any of you should mail me with your URL if you want linkage in the sponsor’s sidebar.

I’ve changed the “sponsorship levels” a little — getting an NTK special issue and NTK podcast are now lowered to five memberships, because an NTK issue would be pretty easy, and me and Lee secretly want to do an NTK podcast. We haven’t asked Dave though, because he no longer exists (if he ever did).

Saying what I really feel about Andrew Orlowski has been taken off the tally, because I have a feeling I have no actual control over whether I do that any more. One day it will just happen, like road rage or a stroke.

The new promised feature I’ve added is interesting, if only for historical value. As some of you may know, me and Merlin Mann somewhat abortively attempted to do a “Life Hacks” book a few years ago. Though in the end we decided to shoot said thrashing mutation in the head just before it ripped out the throat of a long-suffering O’Reilly editor (hi, Brian!), I do still have about half a book written and sitting on my hard drive. I haven’t looked at it in a couple of years, so it may have dated horribly, but for ten ORG subs, I’d be happy to dig it up and put together a mini-version. There are a few external contributors whose gave their time to it as well: I’ll check with them, and maybe put their hacks up here too. (For the best description ever of why the book was fated never to be made, listen to Merlin’s perfect summary, The Perfect Apostrophe. )

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