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the edge at sxsw

Liz put forward my “Living on the Edge” talk up for the popular vote South-By-Southwest Interactive (you’re allowed to pressgang other people into appearing, apparently). She let me know I was a contender with a few minutes to go before the deadline. Attempting to re-assert control over my life, I improvised some more proposals: an EFFy event, and one Life Hacks confessional.

As a consequence, it now looks like I’m trying to spam the SXSW panel-picker, and I’m not, no no no I’m not.

Anyway, feel free to vote for me in any combination of ways. Here’s the selection:

You know, I think people hate self-publicity in blogs, but I realise why people do it. It totally lets you fill up space with something you know vaguely about.

Anyway, here’s what I slapdashedly picked from the 1198 other entries(!), picked without comment (except that the first three are from friends, who I’d vouch for as being particularly good. Or particularly my friends, depending on how you see these things).

Firefox hint: if you hit Ctrl (might be a different control key under Mac or Windows) as you drag over a table, you can select individual cells and columns, and you can paste those cells into forms or spreadsheets and preserve the table data.

Rachel Chalmers, The 451 Group The Storm Cloud: Business, Infrastructure and Generation Y Rachel is very very smart, and fascinating topic.
Liz Henry, BlogHer Open Source Disability Gadgets: DIY for PWD Liz has lots of great things to say on this.
Jason Schultz, UC Berkeley School of Law User-Interpreted TOSes: Who Defines the Fine Print? Jason is always great on this kind of things.
Dennis Dayman, Eloqua Email Deliverability Secrets from I’ve been interested in email deliverability since the Goodmail farrago; it’s sort of the SEO of SMTP, but it gives you an interesting insight into the collateral damage of spam.
Derek Neighbors, Gangplank Collaborative Development Environments
Samhita Mukhopadhyay, That’s Not My Name: Beating Down Online Misogyny Women are getting really smart at dealing with nasty attacks, which isn’t surprising as they’re pretty much the first in line to get them.
Jeff Eaton, Lullabot Drupal With Its Pants Off Extra star for title. Drupal is what we use at work.
Andrew Feinberg, Washington Internet Daily / Hackers Meet Hacks: Tech-Friendly Public Policies in the Digital Era Washington Internet Daily are a pretty good source for inside tech policy wonkiness; it’d be interesting to see a view from inside the beltway.
Tony Shawcross, Denver Open Media Why NonProfit is the Right Choice for your Startup One of those “how much do I actually know about non-profit work’ fact-checks. I can never tell whether I’m hopelessly clueless or actually quite experienced. Yes, it is all about me.
Brian Zisk, Policy Trainwreck: How Copyright Law Failed the Digital Age Brian’s a mensch, and has seen this whole battle play out from a great vantage point as both an insider and outsider to the music business. If they’d followed his advice ten years ago, they wouldn’t be screwed.
Chris Bucchere, bdg Not So Simple Any More: RSS’s Bleeding Edge Sort of curious about potential new uses for RSS, still. I still struggle to think of how to use RSS to deliver private data between individuals.
Aarron Walter, The Web Standards Project (WaSP) No Web Professional Left Behind: Educating the Next Generation Want to get a grip on where WaSP thinks things are heading.
Joshua Baer, Don’t Declare Email Bankruptcy! Take Control of Your Inbox. Contractual Life Hacks obligatory attendance.
Sandy Jen, Meebo, Inc. Scaling Synchronous Web Apps Interesting problem!
Rusty Hodge, internet radio Rewriting the DMCA: How to Improve Section 114 Always up for policy suggestions.
Jonathan Dahl, Tumblon Functional Programming Without A (Strictly) Functional Language Just like seeing something like this at SXSW. Might well be more interested in the audience than the topic.
Megan McCarthy, Freelance Writer Surviving Scandal: How to Manage Negative Attention in the Internet Age I have a feeling I will hate what ends up being said here, but that’s no reason not to go.
Mark Taylor, Level 3 Communications DRM is Dead Well, duh.
Patrick Moorhead, Avenue A | Razorfish The Invisible Web and Ubiquitous Computing I shall drop by and see if ubiq still has the smell of 2001 about it.
Larry Chiang, What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business What They Dont Teach You At Stanford Business School I like confessionals.
Martin Kliehm, namics (deutschland) gmbh The HTML 5 Canvas Element I love love love Canvas. It’s like having a little Apple ][ in your browser.
Eric Steuer, Creative Commons Did You Get Ripped Off? Understanding Appropriation Thinking lots about appropriation at the moment.
Evan Carroll, Capstrat Who Will Check My Email After I Die? Why not think about this?
Vince Parr, Globe Telecoms, Inc. Growing Your Web Traffic Through Mobile Phones in Asia Don’t have enough anecdata about telephony in asia.
Rebecca Moore, Google Google Goes to the Amazon Sounds like a fascinating story.
Jack Moffitt, Chesspark The XMPP Powered Web I am all about the Jabber.
Lisa Herrod, Scenario Girl Aging, Cognition & Deafness: The Quirky Corners of Web Accessibility Inherently fascinating.
Cyrus Massoumi, ZocDoc, Inc. Solving the Healthcare Problem…Online Worthy.
David Marks, Loomia Privacy and Personalization – Oxymoron or the Perfect Match? Again, angles on privacy always interest me.
Allen Tom, Yahoo! OpenID: Foundation of the Social Web Want to see big OpenID death brawls.
Chris Gammon, Ludorum Google Runs My Office Opposing POV to the edge talk.
Tim Hwang, ROFLCon The State of the Internet Memescape: 2008-10 Funny, I hoop.
Edwin Outwater, EO3 Consulting Love Thy Archivist for He Will Become a Profit Center Archivists are always the lynchpin. Hopefully they can escape being turned into ‘profit centers’.
Keely Kolmes, Keely Kolmes Private Psychotherapy Practice Therapy 2.0: Mental Health for Geeks Undercovered. Have overpowering personal interest.
Gabriela Schneider, Sunlight Foundation How the Internet is Transforming Governance Sunlight are doing really great things right now.
David Crow, Microsoft The World Isn’t Flat – Building the Next Silicon Valley I end up having to write a “How do we make X into the next Silicon Valley’ piece every 18 months.
Doc Searls, Berkman Center for Internet and Society VRM – the Consumer’s Revenge Doc always has something pertinent to say.
Dan Willis, UX Crank User Experience 2009: More Crap You Already Know Title made me laugh.
Jack Moffitt, Chesspark X Is For XMPP: An Open Messaging Primer Jabber, jabber, jabber.
Marian Merritt, Symantec Is Good Cyber Citizenship Really Necessary? Have a feeling I will agree with everything here, but always like to hear it.
Natasha Sakina Alani, Adaptive Path Designing Rural Infrastructure: A Euphemism for Money Laundering Damn true.
Eileen Gittins, Blurb, Inc. Pursue Your Passion — Leave the Infrastructure to Someone Else Will try not to be bratty contrarian at back.
Scott McDaniel, SurveyGizmo How to Become a Google Analytics Expert in a Weekend Analytics is one of those places where people give more to Google than they get back: I want to see what they get.
Robert Scales, Raincity Studios Using Drupal to Manage, Publish, and Promote Your Content Drupal must meet my ignorance head on.
John Athayde, Hyphenated People Learning from Architecture Ex-architects are always great conversation-at-3AM people.
Jason Seifer, Rails Envy OAuth in Every Language Need… to… understand.. Oauth… better.
Paul Schreiber, Apple Your Error Messages Suck: Stop Doing That Will attend for the funny examples.
Glen Campbell, Yahoo! Inc. Kill the Fail Whale: Scale Your Site Scaling is fascintating.
Michael Verdi, Millions of Us Machinima Kung Fu Have failed to track machinima for last 5 years, want to catch up.
Jeffrey Palermo, Headspring Systems Managing High-Performing Agile Teams Vicarious love of agile anecdotage.
John Zeratsky, Google Getting Things Done the Simple Way Obligatory Life Hacks attendance.
John Erik Metcalf, Entrepreneur / Conjunctured Coworking / Startup District Ditch the Valley, Run for the Hills Love Austin.
Fred Benenson, Creative Commons Non-Profit Technology Work: How You Can Do Good Again, want to understand non-profiteryness more.
Heather Champ, Flickr From Flickr and Beyond – Lessons in Community Management Heather rules.
John Eckman, Optaros Open Source and Design: Ideologies Clashing Current obsession.
Scott Barnes, Microsoft Corp. Why the F#$k Should I Care About RIA? Yeah, why the fucking fuck should I?
Derek Gottfrid, The New York Times Exploiting Massive Parallelism for Fun and Profit Know the story, want to know more.
Andrew Parker, Union Square Ventures Hacking Philanthropy Sort of obligatory, though have yet to hear good version of this story.
Izzy Neis, Six Degree Games Ask the Moderators: Q&A with Kids Communities Managers Want to hear realistic take on how “omg think of the children” scenarios are actually handled.
Colin Henry, LiquidPlanner / Apptio F*cking with Human Backed Web Services Smells like a hack.
Bhaskar Roy, Qik Tinkerers Unite: Let Me Show You How it Works Yay fredom to tinker.
Jakob Heuser, Gaia Online Unit Testing Back to Front: Prove it Works! Testing changed my life.
Maria Diaz, Writer Growing Up as An Internet Oversharer Public/private dichotomy – you’ll always get me with that.
Alex Hillman, Independents Hall Do Well by Doing Good – Civic Entrepreneurship Worthiness.
Margaret Stewart, Google Inc Herding Cats: The Role of the UX Manager User experience handling in something I want to know more about.
Jon Wiley, Google Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist: User Generated Discovery Title made me laugh.
Jason Reneau, MindBites Debunking the Free-tard Manifesto: Marketplaces, Content & Rationality Expect to get really really angry at this. It’s a good emotion!
Joe Solomon, How to Save the World with Firefox Extensions! Want to know more about FF.
M. Jackson Wilkinson, Viget Labs Fitting Design and UX into an Agile Process Again, UX and agile has been a question I’ve had for 5 years.
Thor Muller, Get Satisfaction Welcome to Your Posthuman Future Oh, gotta go to the posthumanist SIGs.
Rebecca Fox, Why Is Professional Blogging Bloodsport for Women? See general interest in dealing with trolls.
Dana Loesch, / KFTK 97.1 FM Protecting Your Intellectual Property They trademarked their name? WTF?
Guy Tennant, Entriq DRM and Content Providers: A Match Made in Heaven? Will inevitably be fascinated by this.
Tim Keanini, What Can MUDs/MOOs Teach us About Social Technologies? Will come for the audience.
Danny Kolke, Etelos, Inc. OpenID, OAuth, Data Portability and the Enterprise Put off by mention of ‘the enterprise” but Oauth draws me in.
Bruce Henry, LiquidPlanner Forgetting FTW! Good choice ‘o’ topic.
Jeremiah Robison, Slide, Inc. Scale or Die: 10 Lessons About Scaling and Security Anecdotage on scaling is always good.
Gareth Knight, Lessons Learned Building Global Apps with Multi-Cultural Teams International relationships – ongoing obsession.
Tantek Çelik, State of the Microformats Tantek! The casanova of the div tag!
Tara Hunt, Citizen Agency Making Whuffie: Raising Social Capital in Online Communities Tara knows much, good speaker.
Sarah Lefton, UGOBE Welcome Our Robotic Overlords: The Birth Of New Hot Industry Robots!
Heather Gold, subvert Making a Living Being Yourself Heather!
Amy Hoy, Hyphenated People How to Be a Glorious Generalist You had me at everything.
David Crow, Microsoft How to Demo Like a Demon I imagine this has stagecraft stuff in it, which I still maintain an interest in.
Fred Benenson, Creative Commons DRM: The Fight Isn’t Over Yet Haha, will people please make up their mind?
Jacob Harris, The New York Times Get Me Rewrite! Developing APIs and the Changing Face of News Journalism + tech is current obsession.
Anton Kast, Digg Collaborative Filters: The Evolution of Recommendation Engines Hmm, if it references academic papers, I’m all in.
Sachin Agarwal, Influencing Internet Legislative Changes: Why and How This sounds deeply in my area.
Lilia Manguy, Avenue A | Razorfish Successful Incentive Systems for User-Generated Content Weirded out enough by this to be interested.
Aral Balkan, Singularity Web Conference Building on a Cloud Finding out what people make of cloud infrastructure.
Mark Hines, Ratchet How Decentralization Impacts Your Content Management Strategy Decentralization! Gather around everyone!
Clay Johnson, Sunlight Foundation Coding for Civic Participation Sunlight out in force.
Eran Feigenbaum, Google Safety From Above: Cloud Computing and Enterprise Security More cloud anecdata.
Sean Bonner, Change the World in 5 Easy Steps Have never met Sean, want to.
Doc Searls, Linux Journal, Harvard Berkman Center Rebuilding the World with Free Everything Doc!
Jonathan Zittrain, Oxford University; Oxford Internet Institute The Future of the Internet and How To Stop It Zittrain!
Dan Hon, Six to Start We Told Stories – Designing Storytelling Online Dan!
Joi Podgorny, Ludorum Setting Up and Running a Remote Team in China China!
Dan Hon, Six to Start The BBC, Six to Start and ARGs – Bringing TV to the Web Dan again!
Traci Fenton, WorldBlu, Inc. Democracy, Design, and the Future of Work Democratic workplaces! I haven’t though about that since 1998!
Mason Hale, OneSpot In the Cloud: Massively Parallel Computing for Everyone Parrallelism!
Dave Lester, George Mason University Edupunk: Open Source Education For the title!
Anthony Berman, Berman Entertainment & Technology Law Is It Time To Update the DMCA? So deep in my work thinking.
Peter-Paul Koch, State of the Browsers Need a recap.
George Kelly, Bay Area News Group-East Bay Rules for Radicals: Strategic Interventions vs. New Media Have been reading Alinsky recently.
John Resig, Mozilla Corporation More Secrets of JavaScript Libraries Want to brush up on JS…
Jon Wiley, Google Doctypes Demystified ..and quirks mode weirdness.
Kent Brewster, Yahoo, Inc. How To Roll Your Own API Insiders techie view.
WIll Tschumy, Microsoft Corp. Robots Rock: Human-Robot Interaction Robots!
Andrew McDiarmid, UC Berkeley Collectively Licensing File-Sharing at UC Berkeley? Deep, deep, deep work stuff. Will probably talk in acronyms to Andrew.
Andrew Huff, Gapers Block The Street is a Platform Title!
Brad Stenger, Wired Computational Journalism This is what I would want to be doing, if I wasn’t having the best time in the world.
Serge Lescouarnec, Serge the Concierge From Consumed to Thrifty: Strategies for the Good Life in a Wobbly Economy Plan B

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  1. Marc Resibois Says:

    One thing that puzzled my since a while is the very naming of ‘the edge’. Somehow, for me it implies that the relevant part of our connection to the internet is the internet itself and that we’re outsiders from where everything happens. In my case, and probably a lot of people, all the data that IS relevant to me is in my possession. Even if I have a flickr, facebook, myspace accout, my existence is what I produce and hold and is on local harware, the global web sites are merely complex form id cards that can also easily be cheated with.

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