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your guilt at work

So somebody reading this blog joined the Open Rights Group and sent me their confirmation code, even though I have already received enough notifications to be forced to write daily for this month. Sheesh. People, this is the Internet: have you not heard of free-riding?

So, anyway, to burn up any remaining goodwill, for the forseeable future, if you now join ORG at the tenner-a-month rate (or up your payment by a fiver), send me your confirmation code, and then tell me which of the following you’d like from me. Choose from:

I envisage you’ll be able to move around your vote when it’s clear I won’t reach any of these, but I’ll  do that only at certain points,  like in Mike Reid’s Runaround, so think carefully.

As a show of goodwill on my part, here’s Flowers for Debian, a piece I wrote a few years ago for Linux User and Developer.

9 Responses to “your guilt at work”

  1. Luis Says:

    If one of your American brethren renew their long-neglected EFF memberships, does that count? Not that I, um, have neglected to give to EFF of late or anything, ahem.

  2. dannyobrien Says:

    Oh great, now I am really going to get sacked. Okay, JUST THIS ONCE. Put “danny said i could” in the box that asks you your reason for joining (the messages in those boxes are sent around the office ever quarter, and are one of the many great parts of the job).

  3. Adam Says:

    The FAQ doesn’t mention a confirmation code for upping one’s membership rate.

  4. dannyobrien Says:

    Adam, just mail me anyway. It’s my pathetic attempt at preventing hoardes of botnets from claiming to be ORG members and forcing me to blog for the next sixty years.

  5. Craig Hughes Says:

    Aha! I have stumbled on a strategy for blogging:

    1. Tell people that if they do X, you will blog for a month
    2. People do X
    3. Month long series of “If you do X again, I’ll blog for another month, or choose some other option” posts
    4. ???
    5. Profit

  6. Lee Maguire Says:

    ‘Flowers’ is still awesome, Dan. But even though it’s still largely accurate – I’d probably advise noting the original pub date on it.

  7. Danny O'Brien Says:

    Yeah; unfortunately I couldn’t find the date…

  8. Lee Maguire Says:

    “Pussycat” was in issue 36 (around Dec 2003/Jan 2004); “Flowers” was in issue 36 (around Jan/Feb 2004).

  9. Chocolate and Vodka » Good reasons to join ORG Says:

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