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your guilt at work

So somebody reading this blog joined the Open Rights Group and sent me their confirmation code, even though I have already received enough notifications to be forced to write daily for this month. Sheesh. People, this is the Internet: have you not heard of free-riding?

So, anyway, to burn up any remaining goodwill, for the forseeable future, if you now join ORG at the tenner-a-month rate (or up your payment by a fiver), send me your confirmation code, and then tell me which of the following you’d like from me. Choose from:

I envisage you’ll be able to move around your vote when it’s clear I won’t reach any of these, but I’ll  do that only at certain points,  like in Mike Reid’s Runaround, so think carefully.

As a show of goodwill on my part, here’s Flowers for Debian, a piece I wrote a few years ago for Linux User and Developer.


petit disclaimer:
My employer has enough opinions of its own, without having to have mine too.