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hi mum! and crypto

So my sainted mother is reading my blog, just in time to hear me talk about scary gangs: we’re fine, honest. And I didn’t mention the earthquake yesterday, because neither Ada nor I even noticed it!

There, very calming. I am also calmed by news of an eight-year old friend of mine, on hearing the plot of Crypto being explained to him, becoming OUTRAGED that the government would want to listen in on phone calls! Also, Ben Laurie (slightly older) thinking as ever about how to do security right, and coming to the age-old conclusion that it involves crypto everywhere. It’s often been said that we won the battle to make strong encryption freely available, but lost the battle for anyone using it. I started re-signing my email recently using GPG, and it’s actually relatively easy these days; I wonder what the tipping point will be for more widespread use of personal crypto. If any?

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